Can't send text message

Can't send text message

Can't send text message

I'm a Participant Level 2

Can't send text message

Hi! I have talked to Fido customer care, they have filed a ticket, but I have had ZERO help from anyon from Fido.... I haven't been able to send texts and my job relies on this.... I have lost jobs all week for myself and others. I can receive texts, use data (on and off WiFi) , make calls  use voicemail.... I checked the call center number, it's right, uninstalled things, restarted my phone, took out the Sim... Nothing! Please help.... 


Hello @J3ss and welcome to the Fido Community.


I'm sorry to learn that you are having trouble with your phone.

Since an investigation was open for your text message problem, you should get news really soon with a result on your issue.


To get more information on what's going on, can I ask you the phone model you are using? 


Also, do you have enough signal where you are located now?


A easy test that you can do as well is to text yourself too see if you can receive your own message. Did you get a chance to try that on your end?


Let the Community know Smiley

I'm a Participant Level 2

Samsung galaxy s8. 

I havent been able to send texts since Sunday night. They do not say that they haven't sent, they just aren't sending. 

I have had service this whole time. 

I can receive them no problem. 

I have been trying to text myself since, it's not working. 

I have tried everything and have had little help from your end, which is really frustrating. 

As I said, this is bad for me... 


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Hey @J3ss


Thank you for these updates. I am going to take a closer look into this with you, sending you a PM right away. Smiley