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Can't get My Account to work, support is less than useless

I'm a participant level 1
I'm a participant level 1

Can't get into my account... Page is "under maintance" for the past month now. I know it's not true because it's been accessed by boatloads of other Fido account holders.

Not my browser as it doesn't work on my phone, doesn't work on the website on my computer, doesn't work across multiple browsers and multiple computers. Which... fun....

Live Chat is garbage as it's not manned at all by any agents at this point.


I'm 150% done with this company and I'll be leaving at the first deal I see. Pointless when you have a digial access acount and the thing doesn't even work. What a horrible experience this has been coming back to Fido.



Hi there @Shinru


That doesn't seem right at all; our site is entirely operational. The issue must be with your profile or something else.  


Please contact customer support so we can investigate