Can’ fill my prepaid plan

Can’ fill my prepaid plan

Can’ fill my prepaid plan

I'm a Participant Level 2

Can’ fill my prepaid plan



I recently changed my plan from monthly postpaid to prepaid because I am currently outside Canada. Unfortunately I couldn’t fill my account (I get error message) and also can’t call customer service because I don’t have any balance.


Please help before my account gets deactivated.




Hey @jughaias5 and welcome to the Community.


You can refill your account directly from your online account on


What happens when you try to refill? Are you getting an error message?


Also, which payment method are you using exactly?



I'm a Participant Level 2



I couldn’t refill using the online account. I have an error message.

I tried paying as a bill from my RBC bank account one week ago.

but still it seems there is an issue with the account. I am afraid that the 30 days period will pass without activation and my number will be deactivated.


Can you please verify receiving my payment of $10.75.


Kind regards,


Hi there! 


Just checking to see you if you still need assistance. Don't hesitate to reach out if you need anything. 🙂

Hello @jughaias5!


When you do a credit card refill from, you have to make sure that the information on your credit card matches the one on your Fido account (name, address), otherwise you will get an error message.


You cannot make a payment to a prepaid account number from your online banking services as it does not work the same way a postpaid account does, prepaid accounts need to be refilled on or via the self-serve menu.


If you made a payment that way, reach out to us so we can help you. Smiley