Calls disconnect after 30 minutes

Calls disconnect after 30 minutes

Calls disconnect after 30 minutes

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Calls disconnect after 30 minutes

Hi, since September 2017 my calls to a foreign landline disconnect after exactly 30 minutes.

Don't disconnect when calling cellphone and don't disconnect when call is incoming from the same number. I brought it to fido support attention a few times with no results.


Anybody here having the same problem and possibly a solution?


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hi , 

this may happen due to the foreign country is trying to protect with landlines from being tied up from an international number. it is common there in Europe to have limited landline use (as it is expenive to use, that is why the mobile service is cheap as well as their data). 

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Thanks. Do you have any insight as to whether or not that is something 'recent'? To me it seemed like one week it was working and pretty much starting September it disconnected. Fido is asking me to do a factory reset of my phone but I'm a bit hesitant doing so just for a 'let's see what happens' sorta thing.

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It doesn't. Other party located in Europe (Germany) if that makes a difference.



I'll send you a PM so we can look into this further @HM2018 Smiley 

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Hey @HM2018


That's definitely odd. 


Is the issue happening with several landlines numbers or just a specific number? 


Also, are the calls being made using the network or WiFi calling?


Let me know! 

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I can't say if it happens with other numbers. Only have one contact for extended phone calls.


Different networks in Canada and the US.


And like I said it's only when outgoing, not when I get the call from the same number.

Can you verify with the person that's calling you if this happens with other users on their end @HM2018