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Calls and text won’t work

I'm a Participant Level 1
I'm a Participant Level 1

Here is my story,


I was driving down the highway, not using my phone and I started getting texts from Fido. 
“you’ve reached 90% of your monthly data”

okay no problem..

10 seconds later

”you’ve reach 100% of you data”

i get very confused and not even 10 seconds later

”you’ve used 50$ worth of overage data”

first thing I do then is to **bleep** down my data on my phone. I pull over, check what could of happen. See that updates, backups, music, pictures etc.. all of those apps which would takes lots of data were off. Which was the case... so I try calling Fido to understand what is going on... but now my calls and my texts won’t work. I can’t call them as it is too late now. My phone connects to Fido I have 5 bars but won’t receive any calls and won’t do any of my calls. 
I reseted the settings of it, everything but it just won’t work ....

any ideas??

Thank you!



Hello @Fundy Smiley and welcome to the Community.


The usage you do is not really based on the time, but on the amount of MB used.

To go over this, we would need to verify your account.

You contact our customer service for this. To find the ways to reach us, you check our contact list here.

If it's best for you, we can also send you a PM here.


Let us know.