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Caller 844 277 6920

I'm a participant level 2
I'm a participant level 2



I've been receiving calls from this number 844 277 6920 several times a day, when I pick up the phone, it hang ups. It seems that based on the forum, it's from Fido. If it is, I am reporting that whatever automated system you are using is broken. It keep hanging up, keep calling me back everyday, it's very annoying. Fix it please or stop calling me. I don't want to change my nickname from Fidolover to Fidohater.





Former Moderator
Former Moderator

Hi there @Fidolover888


Thanks for getting in touch about this! I totally understand your concerns. 


To be honest, it sounds like a spoof/spam caller may be the ones calling you. You see, spoofing refers to a spam call or text that’s sent by a third party, using technology to make it look like it came from a specific number (like our number) by changing the calling line identification.


What you described (many daily calls, always hangs up when you answer, etc) really doesn't sound like how our telemarketing groups would work, when calling customers. ,Call or text spoofing is an issue that affects a lot customers across the industry. All wireline, wireless, and VoIP-based phone lines are affected. It definitely sounds like that the case here. 


I'd invite you to check out (or call) the Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre to find out about scams and fraudulent activity similar to this:  I hope this helped make sense of the situation!