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I'm a participant level 2
I'm a participant level 2


Hello Team - 

I have received a phone call and finalize to book the phone and plan so customer service and I book time on 3 PM on Dec 30th  but he didn't call me back as I was waiting for 1 hr. Can someone help me on this Christmas holiday eve to grab that promotion and able to reach that team? 

I am looking forward to coming back to Fido under that promotion. 

Please help me..............


I'm a participant level 1
I'm a participant level 1

I've been on hold for 2 hours and got cut off, tried again and been on hold now again for 1 hour, what is the problem ?

Former Moderator
Former Moderator

Hey @pratik021


Welcome to the Community! We're thrilled to hear you're coming back to Fido Smiley .


Did you hear back from them since you first wrote this message? 


If they weren't able to reach out to you today, they will certainly follow up with you. Rest assured that you'll get this offer.


Let us know!

I'm a participant level 2
I'm a participant level 2

They call me back and I accepted the offer. However, during I booked the order the person said - Note 9 is available in stock and once I placed the order Fido inform me, Note 9 out of stock and 1-week delay. 

I am surprised the false information provided to retain the customer. Now, I am traveling out of town and seems like I have to go without a new phone. 

Anyhow, now I am ok to wait for the phone but I hope you can share this screenshot /response with your Director, VP of Business or Leadership team about the situation going on at a lower level. 


Thank you for the update @pratik021 Smiley


The Note 9 is a device in high demand right now, by the time the process was completed it is possible that the stock was depleted. I get that you're expecting to receive your phone asap, we're doing our best to deliver! 


Thank you again for sharing your situation with us on the Community, we will act upon it.