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Call records with Fido representative

I'm a participant level 1
I'm a participant level 1


I’m in need of a recorded phone conversation I had with a Fido representative when I signed up for a new plan and phone on November 28 2023
I called Fido and spoke with a customer service rep inquiring about signing a new plan with a new phone. We went through all the deals and I decided to get the iphone15 pro 256GB with the 65$ month plan. After I told him what phone I wanted, he asked me if I wanted device coverage and that it would be 18.99 or something like that I can’t clearly remember. I said absolutely and he even mentioned that I can cancel the coverage anytime. So after he asked me to give him a minute so he can finish on his side, he came back and told me everything was done and set up and that my phone is on the way. 
I thanked him and hung up . 
Now, i called Fido in Jan when I got back from vacation because I got my phone stolen. I told them what happened and asked them what my coverage actually covers. They told me they had to record what so ever on file of them adding coverage to my phone. I told them the conversation I had with the representative when I signed the new plan and I asked them to just go back into the last phone recording I had with them which would be November 28. After I was transferred to another person, they tell me that they cant access the recordings, only used for training purposes and they can’t do anything about it because the representative didn’t make a note of it. 
That is not my fault. I purchased coverage and the representative confirmed. I’m in desperate need of that recording please. Paying monthly for a phone I don’t have WHEN I purchased coverage doesn’t make sense. I’m getting pushed over because of that one customer service representative that didn’t do his job properly. And now I’m paying the price.
Anyone know who I can email or talk to about getting that recording? 


Hello @Orinda,


As far as I understand, when you call a company that records your conversation, no matter the reason (such as training or quality control), you have the right to request a copy of that conversation. Under the Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act (PIPEDA), the company is obligated to provide you with a copy, even if they may try to mislead you or find it inconvenient to gather and scrub the information to remove any irrelevant data.


You might want to try starting with getting in contact with Fido's Chief Privacy Officer if customer service is not willing to help.

This is the information I was able to find

Chief Privacy Officer
Fido Solutions
800 De La Gauchetière Street West
Suite 4000
Montréal, Quebec, H5A 1K3


You can get more information regarding PIPEDA here, this article here is also a good read.