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Call forwarding without access to the phone

I'm a participant level 1
I'm a participant level 1

I would like to forward my calls to another local phone number but my phone is malfunctioning and I can't enter the code.


There is a Fido moderator (@FidoNick) that said in the forum that someone at Fido could do this manually. I tried over the chat and over the phone but nobody seem to be know how to do this. 
Is there any moderator that is as awesome as Nick and can help me with that please?

(forum topic: Solved: Fido Home Phone Call Forward - Fido - 78765)


Good morning @Yomamasofat , are you looking to forward a home phone line or a mobile phone number? If it's for you mobile, you could put your Sim in another device and do the call forwarding. If it is your landlines, you will have to speak to the home phone support.