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I'm a Participant Level 1
I'm a Participant Level 1

I cannot express enough to people not to bother with this terrible company. Any time I have an issue they never resolve it. My daughter broke her phone. Cracked screen. She took her SIM card out and tried it in another phone. They denied my claim for that. So I was told to put through another claim. Which I did. I was asked to prove my address. Which I did. May I add that step is just another useless step to keep people waiting. Waited another 2 days. Now rejected again. I do not know why Fido uses this company. They have nothing but bad reviews and will do anything to NOT fix your phone. Do yourself a favour and just buy the Apple protect. 


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Hello Tina1973,


  Welcome to the community!


  I'm sorry to hear you're having issues with the device protection. However, you do not seem to understand how the protection works.


@Tina1973 wrote:

...She took her SIM card out and tried it in another phone. They denied my claim for that...

  The device protection only protects one device at a time. The device most recently used by the Fido SIM. If the SIM was used in a different phone, the old phone (ie phone from which SIM was removed) would no longer be protected. The device protection would have transferred to that other phone (ie phone in which SIM was tested).


  When they asked you to put through another claim, had your daughter replaced the SIM back into her broken phone? If not, that phone would still not be protected under the device protection.


  I understand you are also frustrated having to prove your address and provide addtional documents. However, they are an insurance company and one of othe jobs it to prevent fraudulent claims. Your claim might have been completely honest. Unfortunately, there are many people who do try to make false claims. Worse yet, there are criminals who try to scam innocent people by making fraudulent claims posing as those people. Having to prove your identity and address is a measure to protect their customers.


  You might consider re-filing another claim with the SIM in the broken phone. However, you should note that multiple claims with different IMEIs within a short period of time can also be flagged as possible fraudulent behaviour (see here).


**edit** If they do accept the claim, you should note that the first screen repair is only free if there is no other damage present. If there is other damage, there would be repair or replacement fees depending on the original cost of the phone (see here).**


Hope this helps 😀