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Bright star is a Scam

I'm a contributor level 1
I'm a contributor level 1

I opened a claim well over a month ago. I called back two weeks later asking for an update, they said they are missing my device info. which was strange as I provided them and confirmed my imei number, phone type, colour and everything else. 


The girl said, she will send an email to her superiors and will expedite this matter.I was told should hear back in 24 hours. 


Today when i called back, a week later,. after no response. I asked for a manger, i was told by the rep, that his coumputer is not working and he cant tranfer me to his manager, he can only transfer to his colleague, when I said, that he should be able to tranfer to his supervisor if he is able to transfer me to his co-worker. He said his computer just crashed and i will have to call back another day as he is unable to tranfer the call anywhere. 


I am just surprised that Fido is gouging customers and selling them an insurance which never works. 

My employees have their own cases open with brighstar for months on end with no resoluton.


Really patheric. someone needs to file a class action lawsuit. 





Hi @SteveJobs !


I'm sorry to learn about your experience with Brightstar. We always aim for our customers to go through a simple and quick process, as we know having access to a functional device is very important.

I'll send you a PM so we can discuss what happened and assist you further. Smiley