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BlackBerry End of Life

I'm a Participant Level 2
I'm a Participant Level 2

Fido is quoting Blackberry's End of Life bulletin and saying that the use of BB OS10 and earlier phones will be compromised after Jan 4. That same bulletin says that BlackBerry Link will not work; however, I use Blackberry Link off-line all the time and it works fine and that should not change. Likewise, I have an old flip phone of some no-name brand that started out with another carries and now works just fine on Rogers. I therefore wonder whether this push by Fido to upgrade Blackberry phones is all about sales and not about the utility of the BB OS10 phones after that date. Can anyone enlighten me as to why any phone carrier would discontinue support for Phone or SMS or Data functions for any phone of any make, and especially of BlackBerry? Of course, upgrades such as 5G will not be useable, but I believe that any phone with a carrier's SIM card should work.


Good morning @Ken6 , I too have a BlackBerry OS10 device,  the KEYone.  It's true that there will no longer be any support for the BlackBerry devices.  What that means is BlackBerry is no longer providing security updates or support for any mobile related products. I believe that the notice was more of a courtesy message. You must have a KEY2 if January is your eol date. 

Having said that,  your phone will continue to work for you until it can no longer utilize updated apps and browsers. The notice is basically telling us that it's support from BlackBerry for security patches and optimization is over. BlackBerry link will also not be supported on the BlackBerry servers. I still use my Priv and Passport when I travel, there are times when I cannot access websites. They will continue to function until technology leaves us behind. Heck, I still use my PlayBook for streaming music at the cabin. I hope that provides a bit of clarity regarding our beloved Blackberrys. Have a good day, and enjoy that amazing device. Cheers