Billing Issues while number porting

Billing Issues while number porting

Billing Issues while number porting

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Billing Issues while number porting



I have ported to a different network already. My bill was generated on 13th December 2017. It says I need to pay $73. I ported on 16th December 2017, after which I noticed that my Fido account shows $-30 as balance to pay.


Following are my questions:

1) Due date for my $73 bill is 9th January 2018. Should I go ahead in paying it? If yes, then it would mean that I paid a lot more then I need to pay.

2) How will I get the refund of the money that I am paying extra?

3) If I go ahead in paing the bill and then get the refund of $30, it means I actually paid $43 fot this  month's bill. $43 only for 4 days (13th,14th, 15th, 16th) is just too much. It should have been on pro-rata basis.


Please provide the resolution. I tried calling customer care, the minimum wait time was 1 hour to 1:30 hrs. Then I tried stating the chat, but nobody connected. Then I tried Facebook messenger and again nobody replied. 


Dont know how to get a response. That's why posting here.


Thanks for the help,



Hey @Nishantjain! We're sad to hear you cancelled Sad


Since your billing cycle is after the cancellation date, the final bill will refund you from the day of cancellation until the end of the cycle!


If we owe you money back, then a refund cheque will be mailed to the address on file, so it's important to be sure the address is up to date!


In terms of the current bill, I do suggest paying it before the due date to avoid late fees. Anything owed back to you will be refunded Smiley


Hope this helps!


- FidoNick