Bill says Toronto when I'm in Hamilton

Bill says Toronto when I'm in Hamilton

Bill says Toronto when I'm in Hamilton

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Bill says Toronto when I'm in Hamilton

Hi all. I have an iPhone 4 that I picked up in February 2011 from Fido.

I've received some long distance charges here and there for the past several months and when I finally cracked open the invoice and had a proper look, it's telling me that the majority of my calls are being billed to/from Toronto. I have a Hamilton phone number, and live the majority of my life in Hamilton/Burlington which should be local calling.

Whenever I'm in Hamilton using Wifi, the calls seem to go through as Hamilton calls. However whenever I'm on 3G, it appears to be connecting to a tower in Toronto (even google, when attempting to find my location, tells me I'm in Hamilton). The internal GPS is working fine and shows me in Hamilton. The calls indicate that I'm in Toronto whether they're outgoing calls, or incoming calls.


I've tried calling my mother's cell phone when standing right beside her in Hamilton, and the invoice claims (a few days later) that I'm calling Toronto to Hamilton.

Can anyone direct me to the appropriate place, or provide a fix of some sort? I've spent about $60 in long distance charges over the months because of this issue and am getting a bit frustrated by being bounced around from kiosk to kiosk when I try to ask about it.



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Hi Mowicz, did you contact customer service regarding this situation? As much as I'd love to help, more information us required to better understand what's going on.

Let us know!