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Bad customer experience

I'm a Participant Level 2
I'm a Participant Level 2

 I have been a customer with fido for long time and I even have a loyalty plan. Last year February I went on a contract with fido for I phone X and it was working perfectly until yesterday sep 4th 2019 when i went to apple store they said it is a hardware issue and I need to get contact with fido since I am already on a contract with a fido… there is no physical damage on the phone. so I called the fido today 5th of Sep and i was talking to a lady and she did not help me at all…. and I asked her if I can talk to her manager and she said sure and put me on hold for another 40 minutes and i could hear her laughing so hard she did not put a song or waiting… and after waiting so long a guy came to talk to me and he said he can give me i phone Xr for 0 dollars which you guys already providing for new customers too. I am very disappointed at fido i have to wait one week to get the phone now and i dont have a phone to use thats why I am emailing you guys like this. you guys should have treat your customers little better so customers would stick with fido… i have to pay off 192 dollars plus the tax for my old phone balance and they did not even bother to give me a credit since i was a long time whole family is using fido and I am not recommending fido to anyone anymore!!! i called vergin mobile and and they said they could give me i phone s for 0 dollars.. i have never been using another provider than fido and i am regretting cause fido can’t even do anything about their customers at all.. Planing to bring my family to go with vergin too since fido is a such a bad customer service


Former Moderator
Former Moderator

Hey @Nirodha


I'm sad to see that your recent experience contacting us did not meet your expectations. I assure you that that does not reflect that level of service we strive to provide our customers on a daily basis. 


That said, KAPABLE-K Is correct. It's normal that you would need to buy out the remaining subsidy on your previous device if you are upgrading your phone prior to the end of your ongoing contract in order to benefit from a new contract and subsidized device. 


We would hate to see you go. We'll send you a PM so we can discuss this further. 


Hello @Nirodha,


I fail to see the problem here, Fido is giving you the new phone for $0 and of course you need to pay off the balance of whats is owed on the old phone. If you need the phone right away then you should have gone to a physical store and get the new phone right away.