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Bad customer experience no email for complaints

I'm a participant level 1
I'm a participant level 1

No way to file a complaint with Fido I bought a new iPhone from Fido that does not work when I open from box but it's really hard to exchange or return the device as no one hear my complaint in last I end up paying more to exchange my device and wasted my 3 days when I tried to complaint about this there was not even an option for that and store guys Ignored me for 4 hours. Worst experience of my lifetime 



We're very sorry to hear that @Inder22g


That certainly doesn't seem like the experience we wish for our customers.  


To help us understand;


How was the iPhone faulty?

What complicated the exchange process? 

Was your device successfully exchanged? 


Also you mentioned the people in store ignored you for 4 full hours. Could you elaborate on that? What exactly happened?