Bad. Customer service

Bad. Customer service

Bad. Customer service

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Bad. Customer service

Rep was unable to answer to my billing questions and she was v unprofessional and i remind her to refresh the customer while put on hold. She was unable to fix my bill when I request to speak to Supervisor or manager she put my again on hold without any refresh. After One hour 20 mint wait she said to me," you need to do call us back to speak to Supervisor but i refuse to do call  back because it was unacceptable for me to do call back after that long wait. Customer service Rep very unprofessional and she don't know how to treat customer not even how to fix the bill or credit even though she has all the notes from last rep regarding my bill. 
After , one hour 37 mint wait she made promises to me supervisor will call me back within 20 mint. 
still I haven't received any call.

I am new to Fido since I joined I have v bad experience. 

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Fido. Has. Terrible customer service. Get used to it. 


Hey @Lovepreetd14331


Welcome to the Community!


We're sad to learn that your recent experience over the phone was not a positive one. It's not how we want it to be at all! That said, thank you for sharing your feedback with us though, we appreciate any opportunity that helps us improve the service we offer.


The PDF bill version details all the charges. Have you had the chance to review it? Let us know what questions you have and we'll do our best to assist you here. 😊


You are welcome to reach out to us through our social media channels or live chat too. 

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Sorry didn't mean to reply to you. Was meant for the original poster that isn't happy.