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Are Exclusive Offer Compatible with Existing Discounts?

I'm a participant level 3
I'm a participant level 3

Hi all,


I signed up the Fido during the black friday promotion, so I am getting a 10$/month discount for 24 months. When I log in to my fido account, I keep seeing exclusive offers that would give me more data for same or less monthly rate.  My question is if I take up the exclusive offer, would I still get 10$/month discount for the remaining period?  It was not clearly mentioned in the offer itself besides the statement " XX$/month (plus applicable discounts & taxes). 





Senior MVP Senior MVP
Senior MVP

Hello Ludwig,


  Whether or not a particular discount would be applicable on new offers would depend on the nature of the discount itself. You would need to contact customer service so they can determine whether your discount would transfer to any new offers. Alternatively, you might consider sending @FidoSolutions a PM. Once they verify some information, they will also be able to access your account. In addition, they can also be contacted via Live Chat, Facebook, or Twitter. Those methods can be accessed via the contact page posted above.


Hope this helps 😀




I'm a participant level 3
I'm a participant level 3

Thank you Cawtau.