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Annoyed and baffled

I'm a participant level 1
I'm a participant level 1

I've now received my 5th bill from fido containing charges for a phone I've suspended months ago that belonged to my abusive ex. I've cancelled it and agreed to pay the suspension fee and the phone off but fido has continued to charge me for the services that I don't use on that line any longer. I've called and spoke to numerous people almost every month to deal with this, finally thought I made headway when they saw the error and said they'd provide me with 255 towards those charges. Not only did they not give me that full credited amount, they also charged me yet again for this phone for this month. 

im not sure how a company can scan there loyal customers (been with you for 10 years) I have two phones and iPad totalling maybe 210 a month but I'm repeatedly billed about 350-380 a month. Fix this issue!!! this is extremely unprofessional and what I feel is a scam. Overcharging your customers, not providing me with fixing my phone when I pay the protection fees as well. 

im extremely baffled and bothered by how you can scan people and over bill your customers thinking that they won't notice, I see what is happening and I want it fixed, NOW!!!!


Hi @Annoyedcustomer , I feel your pain. Unfortunately, you will still have to communicate with customer support on this issue. You may want to initiate contact through direct message on Twitter to manage your time. You can reach them with the Twitter handle @fidosolutions