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I'm a Participant Level 1
I'm a Participant Level 1


I currently have a $65 per month plan which includes 6 gig of data and 250 minutes of talk in a locked plan until May 2021.


I have the opportunity to support the COVID19 call centers regarding the $2,000 monthly income benefit plan called Canada Emergency Rescue Benedit (CERB).


I'll be taking calls on my fido cellphone plan during the day which will grind down my minutes very quickly.


How do I increase my talk minutes to unlimited in April? What will be the cost?


Your earliest attention is greatly appreciated.


Kind regards,



I'm Qualified Level 1
I'm Qualified Level 1

Hi @adriankubas,


Currently, the only way to get unlimited minutes is to change your plan to one that offers unlimited minutes.


A quick look at the plans section on shows they currently have a $65 plan that offers unlimited minutes and 7gb of data. This might be a plan that would benefit you.


Keep in mind all current plans are Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) so if you are currently on contract with an older plan that had offered a subsidy changing to the new plan would make you incur fees.


I would suggest you login to your account and go to change plan and you can see what plans are being offered to you, sometimes they have plans that are specifically targeted to you. 


If you do not see any good viable option there then I would suggest you contact customer support to see what they can do for you. 


You can contact customer support through any of the available methods listed here.