Account Balance Discrepancies

Account Balance Discrepancies

Account Balance Discrepancies

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Account Balance Discrepancies

I have contactEd  credit department twice regarding this issue and we was assured it will be resolved.  My issue now I’m receiving calls nightly from the credit department requiring the balance.   I need this rectified ASAP.   


Please update me me by end of this week and have your credit department calling me.   


Thanking you In advance for your help 

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Hey @Geebskii,


That definitely doesn't sound right. 


To clarify, are you receving automated calls from Fido? 


If yes, we definitely want to look into that for you. 


Please reach out to our customer service right here. We'll be glad to investigate the reason for these calls and take the appropriate measures. 


Thank you. 


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Yes i did get those automated phone calls 

I’ll contact customer service even though this is becoming a real nuisance 


Thank you for the response 



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I need this resolved ASAP.  Please find out what’s the delay for getting this adjustment made.   If you check my file you will know this is note so I’m not sure why it’s taking this long over 4 weeks to show up on my account 



Hey @Geebskii


I'll send you a PM so we can take a look at this with you.


Talk to you soon!

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i havent received PM yesterday.   Anyway were  you able to speak to credit department All documentation should be on

my file on your Fido system The last rep I spoke to at  Fido credit confirmed I should be getting an adjustment 


I got a text reminding to pay $200 balance which was incorrect.   My balance should be around 52-55 dollars 


Thanking you in advance for your involvement in getting resolved 



Hello @Geebskii! I sent you a PM, talk to you soon.