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Absolute Fraud

I'm a participant level 1
I'm a participant level 1



Do not trust anything their employees and superiors advise on call. They make many promises and fail to deliver them.


I called Fido to cancel and port to a different provider because I wasn’t getting satisfactory deals for IPhone 12 Pro. The agent that spoke to me was on call for 3 hours and finally come to a conclusion that he can offer me IPhone 12 Pro for 0$ down payment and $33.34 as monthly finance. I advised the agent I will be proceeding with the deal. Then I also asked the agent if I can get another line added to mine and get the same deal for my friend which is again IPhone 12 Pro for 0$ down payment and $33.34 as monthly finance. First he said NO but after a lot of back and forth he said he confirmed with the supervisor and agreed to give the same deal. So we called my friends previous provided and asked them to port as he is shifting to Fido. He had to pay around $500 to his previous provide to buyout his existing phone. He rejected the offer from Fido because we thought we got a better deal from deal.


I call Fido next day to enquire about the port and the agent says the given deal is not valid and we will have to pay down payment which is when I asked to transfer me to their supervisor, I wanted for another 1 hour and after talking to the supervisor for almost 30 mins, she said yes the agent offered the deal for 0 down and we will have to honour it.

I confirmed with the supervisor a couple of times that both phones are for 0 downs and $33.34 monthly and she acknowledged it every time. She also said you will receive a big bill but please ignore it, because I have to send it that way for my system to process the give deal. After confirming with her we paid Bought own my friends exiting phone in virgin and paid 500$ and ported the sim.


In a couple if weeks we got both the phones and later received a bill for $2193. I was shocked to see the bill, it has been less than 2 weeks and we got that high bill. I remembered the supervisors words that said you might get a big bill but please ignore it. However I was proactive and called Fido. 


Same story twice — they again tell me that deal is not valid, I told them that this is the 4th person I am explaining the same thing, and then they transferred me to the supervisor and later to office of the president.


Office if the president got in touch with me via email and advised she will call me. She called me and said I have to check the recording and then called me back. She said final decision is pending we will email you the update.


They acknowledge their agents and supervisor have given wrong information and deals to the cx and said we cannot honour what they gave. They asked us to pay 440$ down payment each line. They said they cannot honour what their own employees advised. 

I emailed them and called David - who is again the office of the president And he clearly said they cannot do anything, the only thing they can do is give $200 credit, I tried to explain both the office of the president that this is of what I was offered, you can check the recordings and it’s Crystal clear why is in the recordings.

I wasted $500 to port from virgin 

I wanted almost 3 weeks of my time and energy calling FIDO to have the issue rectified 

They would agree it’s a mistake, they have the recordings but they would not honour what was offered to its customers.

Worst experience 

Lack of knowledge, communication and no empathy towards its customers 

I regret being a loyal customer to FIDO now.

Finally when I now understand they can do nothing but just make false promises and give the run around I am shifting to a different provider.


I'm a participant level 3
I'm a participant level 3

I was also offered the same deal. 33.34$ for 24 months for iphone 12 pro with $0 downpayment. I ordered beacuse that was the best deal in the market.
I confirmed with the customer rep atleast 4 times about the price he was offering and he reassured me that i would only be paying 33.34$ towards mu device.

Now they are charging 60$ And when I reached out to the customer service, they are saying this deal is not possible and cannot have been offered in any way. Trying to make it look like We made the deal up.

they should honor what the customer service rep are offering and not play with the sentiments of the customers.


Hey there Sahithi11 and welcome to the Community!


We're sorry for the experience given as this is surely not the kind of service we wanted to offer you. Know that should you need assistance with anything at all, you can reach us out on either live chat from our website, in private on Facebook Messenger or Twitter or of course over the phone:


We would be more than happy to go over your options again hoping we can turn this around for you.