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I'm a Participant Level 1
I'm a Participant Level 1

Recently, I have received my fido bills after vacation and have been overcharged. When calling customer service, not only were 2/3 of them rude, but also all of them have a different reason as to why I've been overcharged. 

First, they told me that I was overcharged because I wasn't on airplane mode for my entire vacation. 
Secondly, they told me that I made several calls to Kitchener, 3 times on one day, and 5 times on another. Not only do I not have any reason to do so, but on one of these days I was flying home, and unable to call even if I wanted to.
Thirdly, when I talked to the supervisor, he said that the records show that I was texting internationally, which I also wasn't doing.
And a final complaint: I wanted to swap cards while on vacation because I was taking care of my sick mother, and wanted to be able to quickly contact others if need be. I was unable to swap cards though, even though I was promised that my phone was unlocked before I left. I made sure it was a problem with my phone because my sister's phone worked fine when I swapped cards on it. I was told that a technician would call me to figure things out, but a week has passed and nobody called.
So not only do I have 3 different reasons as to why I'm being overcharged, but also my phone wasn't even able to be used like I was promised. I would like a refund on these overcharge payments, and also to have the phone unlocked properly


Hey @MaybeNeat7


I'm sad to hear you were not satisfied with your experience over the phone and we definitely want to avoid unexpected charges for all of our customers. 


We'll send you a PM here so we can have a second look into your account and get to the bottom of all of this together. 

Talk to you soon!