A thank you note

I'm a Participant Level 1 trophygal62
I'm a Participant Level 1

A thank you note

Sometimes it seems is just negative messages. But I want to say thank you to Fido. I’ve had my account since 2009 but this past year my phone became even more important to me. I was diagnosed with breast cancer in April and I am doing well. Most ost my treatment is done prognosis is great and I will be a survivor. With all my treatments back and forth hospital stays I required more data without going broke. In order to get rides contact family and keep in touch with my support group. Your very kind and helpful people came up with a 15gig plan that didn’t break my wallet because of being a long time member. I love my and plan and wouldn’t dream of leaving. Your staff are kind and understanding and much appreciated./Kim 

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Re: A thank you note

Hey @trophygal62 Thank you for posting.


We're incredibly happy to be reading your feedback and to see that we were able to find a plan that matches your needs. It's certainly crucial and important to stay connected to your family and friends to get through this. 


We wish you the best! 


Never hesitate to reach out if you need assistance with your account.


Cheers. Smiley

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