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A few questions?

I'm a participant level 3
I'm a participant level 3

I have a few questions, first why is there money sitting in my account when I am doing monthly billing via c.card? If I was on the pay as go service via phone cards and switched to credit card, I would think that you would charge me 20 via cc and use the other 10 from the account, yet you don't, what gives? 


Another, why do I millions of spam/scam calls? Lots, even from 236 area code that you guys have, what gives with that? Do you sell my cell phone to the highest bidder, if not then how do these peoples end up with my cell number? 


And a third, for every time I loose cell reception in my area (where I am normally covered) due to something or some technical issue in your network how am I suppose contact the outside world, (since pay phones on the street are no longer available) and because this is a issue that is happened with you and your network, why am I still be charged the full amount, I would think that I should receive some type of compensation for disruptive cell service?