4g services disabled on my SIM

4g services disabled on my SIM

4g services disabled on my SIM

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4g services disabled on my SIM

My sim is not supporting 4G services, I have changed the SIM yet 4G is disabled. I have changed 2 phones and still no 4G, I have been paying 4G fee but getting 3G and H+ only. Why this discrimination?

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Hello Mohitmalhotra,


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  Sorry to hear you're having issues with your phone. However, whether or not your phone is able to access the networks would more likely be related to a technical issue rather than discrimination. I assume you're referring to not being able to access the LTE network. What phone(s) are you using? Had you purchased them from Fido? Most phones from North America would refer to that network as LTE. If it uses 4G to denote that network, is it possible your phones are Global versions? If your phones weren't purchased from Fido, have you verified that they have compatible bands or frequencies for the LTE network? You can verify the compatible bands/frequencies here.


  Have you also verified that the network selection on your phones is set to include the LTE network?


  Even if your phone has some compatible LTE bands and frequencies, you should note that coverage also depends on corresponding bands/frequencies being used at your surrounding cellular towers. Not all cellular towers utilise all of the bands or frequencies. You can get an idea of your local cellular towers here.


Hope this helps 😀