$45 plan 4gb +2 gb loyalty offer

$45 plan 4gb +2 gb loyalty offer

$45 plan 4gb +2 gb loyalty offer

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$45 plan 4gb +2 gb loyalty offer

I am on the 4gb - 45$ plan (originally $40)

I Learnt that some people got 2 gb extra bonus on top of this plan (valid for 2 years) ... One of them was my brother. I want the same offer but cannot find how. I have been with fido for longer than he has and still he gets a loyalty offer. 

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Just call 611, talk to the rep.


Hello @Hg63


We always work on new promotions for our customers. And we are happy to go over your options whenever you have time.


When you get a chance, you can find the ways to reach us on our contact page here.

We can also send you a PM here if it's best for you.


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wow I've been with fido since 2001. and my loyalty offer was 2gb unlimited calls/texts for $50 before taxes. Guess they liked you more than me..... 

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I have been with them since 2006 and they offered me $75 for 6GB. I am currently on $65 2+2. I guess loyalty doesn't really worth much anymore nowadays. Especially they can't even match the other company rate/data phone promote. let alone matching their own online deal...

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i tried to get the online deal on black Friday. I used my fido phone, my fido tablet and my laptop and it kept getting stuck, tried many times with all and using different browsers, clearing the cookies, cache, for two days without success. I called in and they said no one else was having that issue. Yet if you check this forum others were...

Fido used to match and beat their competition, that is why I signed up with them. Ever since Rogers bought Fido, i have seen the automatic hardware upgrade every 2 years disappear, then the fido dollars and they have become less and less competitive.