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$4 BYOD Plan Price Increase

I'm a participant level 3
I'm a participant level 3

Hello everyone, can somebody point me in the right direction?


I received a $4 increase in my plan from $40 to $44. I've reviewed my last 4 billing statements and didn't find any indication or warning about any price increase.

I contacted phone support and they say it's normal. Is this legal under CRTC?


I've been a customer since 2015. I own another phone with a different plan. I'm not under any contract whatsoever on any plans. My worry is they do the same on my second line too. In which case I'm paying $10 more per month. This is outrageous!



Hello @loanercanada11,


The best direction is to call customer service which you already did, since you are not in a contract prices can change at any time it is part of the terms and conditions in fact the prices can increase even if you are in a contract but what they would normally do is apply a credit to offset the increase until the term is over.


You should have gotten a notification on your invoice in regards to the price increase, this article here might be helpful to you.