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$200 bill credit is a fake

I'm a Participant Level 2
I'm a Participant Level 2

This is fake and did not apply on my purchase. You can see on the below screenshots I saw the offer and purchased it today Dec 28 but did not apply the $200 credit.


I called the customer service and they said the offer expired yesterday. I said I saw and still can see the offer that is why I upgraded to new phone. Representative checked with the supervisor and confirmed this offer was expired. 


After more than one hour of talking and waiting, at the end a new person talked me and made big joke at the end of 2019 which was "Clear My Browser Cache" lol... But which means they have some technical problem and they dont even want to componsate on their mistake. 


Very poor service, after my 6+ years of loyalty is going to break with Fido. 


My advise to everyone, do not purchase anything from Fido by seeing their Ad. Call them and ensure the offer is still available or the better choice is go to another provider for better service.


InkedScreenshot_20191228-102900_Samsung Internet_LI.jpgScreenshot_20191228-104914_Samsung Internet.jpg



Hello @dj51,


Welcome to the community!


That promotion did indeed ended yesterday.


What you are saying is totally uncalled for given that your browser did not update its cache and was displaying old cache information to make your browser experience faster.


If Fido did indeed have the ad up, I would agree they should honor the deal.


I did see the same thing you saw this morning, I knew the promotion was suppose to end yesterday so I refreshed my browser a few times and it displayed the updated information.