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2 Return Labels?

I'm a participant level 1
I'm a participant level 1

So I cancelled my home internet account with Fido last Saturday (January 2). I received an email to create a return label on that same day. Prepared the box, put the modem and the power cord in it, printed the return label. Went to Canada Post yesterday (January 4) to drop the package. 


Today (January 5), I received a second email for another return label. I checked the return label I received today and compared it to the return label I received last Saturday. Both of it have the same shipping address except for a tiny difference on to whom its being shipped to. The one from Saturday is being shipped to "Rogers (Ignite Return) - Gateway Cr" and the one from today is "Rogers Returns, Rogers, Gateway Cr". 


Note that I already sent the package away using the return label I got last Saturday. Should I be worried?



Hello @vaiteja,


Since you've already created the label and shipped the device, you can ignore the second email.


You should keep your original return tracking number handy, in case a follow up is required.