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19 YEAR CUSTOMER - Cancelling my Fido Account -- DO NOT GET FIDO SERIVCES

I'm a participant level 1
I'm a participant level 1

What an absolutely awful experience today -- 


Went online to pay my bill -- was double charged and my credit card was frozen -- had to unfreeze my credit card (which was realitively painless).-- then the nightmare began 


took me 40 mins to get in contact with fido and had to explain to the customer support rep who barely spoke english my problem.. after waiting 10 mins for her to review my file --- she still had no idea what was the problem -- finally she realized that i needed to talk to the credit department -- (this was after nearly 1 hour on the phone) -- she then proceeds to "connect me" with the credit department only to be have the phone silence for 5 mins -- no answer from the rep -- no waiting music.. nothing.    Hang up --  call again ... 


call back customer support.. on the phone for 2 HOURS!!!!!  2 HOURS!!!! ON HOLD.  NO ANSWER. -- had enough... go to a phsycial fido store location --- sales rep gets in contact with customer support after 20 mins on the phone.. sales rep gives him phone number for credit department ---  waits on the phone for 30 mins --- no answer 

its no 9pm.    a simple 5 min problem took 4 hours out of my life with no resolution .... 


as soon as this problem gets resolved --- i will be cancelling my fido line after 19 years...  


hope it was worth it fido  --- you lost a a 19 year customer over 150$ for a problem YOUR SYSTEM CAUSED. 





Hey @pmp33 


Our customer service lines are a little busier than usual, however, rest assured they are there to help. That said, we would hate to see you go. 


We will send you a message here in order to review the situation with you. We're here to answer any questions or concerns you may have! 😀