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10GB bonus added then taken away?

I'm a participant level 1
I'm a participant level 1

Last week I went to check MyAccount and saw that there was an offer of 10GB bonus available for both of my lines with Fido. I was thinking of how great that is! I added it to both of my lines and waited until next day to check if it was added. The bonus was added to only one line, not the other. I then went onto Fido live chat and asked the customer service representative about this issue. The rep told me that the offer was only available on one line and that it was a randomly targeted offer so she could see that it was only offered to the one line. Now I vivdly remember seeing the offer on BOTH and adding it to BOTH lines, but apparently this was not true. 


So I didn't make much of it then, considering the rep was so sure that it was randomly targeted and only targeted for one of my lines. Fast forward to today and the bonus offer that was added to the second line is now GONE. The account is now back to its original data, I'm not sure why the bonus 10GB was taken away.


What is Fido doing? I don't understand how the rep assured me that only one of my lines would have the data added and now they have taken the bonus data away. Anyone else experience this or have any thoughts regarding this? I am so frustrated with Fido at the moment. 


Thanks for reading. 



Hey @ezron! Philippe here. Welcome to the community. Smiley


I'm sad to read about your data situation. That's certainly not something we want to make disappear on you!


In order to check-out what happened, you'll need to contact us as we need to access your account. You can do that here or you can request a PM from the community for support.