$100 Amazon.ca Gift Card

$100 Amazon.ca Gift Card

$100 Amazon.ca Gift Card

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$100 Amazon.ca Gift Card

On Decemeber 26, 2018 at a fido location in downtown Montreal I got a 2-year medium plan with a Samsung s8. I took this plan solely because of the boxing week offer which was a $100 Amazon gift card when signing up with the plan I mention above and phone. I confirmed with the instore representive and I read online that I should receive the gift card within 7 to 10 business; it is mentioned on my file. Taking in consideration the holidays, I waited well over 10 business days and have not received anything. I contacted customer service 3 times and received 3 different timelines as to when I should receive an update and/or the gift card. I have yet to receive anything! As I mentioned this the only reason I took the 2 year plan, this is extremely misleading and it was falsely advertised. I am dissatisfied by this whole situation. 


Could someone please give me a valid and clear answer as to when I will receive the gift card.

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I as well was told by the Fido Representatives (call center) to go in store to receive the gift card so I did. They told me Fido should be emailing it to you in 15days gurenteed. After more then 15days since then I called Fido and they said sometime before the end of this month of January? It's the 25th now and I don't feel confident it will come in time especially after these posts. 

Hey @kingkhan604!


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Let's get to the bottom of that.


Could you confirm which device you purchased and on which plan tier? 

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The LG G7 ON boxing day can you please phone me it has been so long and still haven't received the Amazon gift card

Hey @kingkhan604 and welcome to the Community.

I'm sorry to learn that this is still an ongoing issue for you.

It will be necessary to talk to a representative in order to get this looked into. You can reach us through our channels here.


Or we can send you a PM here on the Community if it's better for you.

Let us know.

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I gave up and accepted your solution however I still have to wait for the results of the “investigation” who knows how long I will have to wait for that.


For being a loyal customer for over 10 years with 4 phone lines I was surprised by the low level of aftercare I received as a long term customer. I will not pursue this matter any longer, I will definitely look for a different alternative as soon as I can afford to change mobile company.

Hey @lp14,


I assure you that your loyalty is very important to us and that we're all doing our absolute best to help and make sure that you receive the gift card you were promised as soon as possible. That's definitely not how we want you to feel, our main goal is to deliver what was promised and we're working towards that resolution.

You can always reply to our latest message if you'd like to continue discussing this in PM.



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Hey @lp14


Thanks for posting Smiley 


I understand how disappointing it can be to receive different information. 


I assure you that this is not the experience we aim to offer. 


The gift card should have been received within 10 business days. 


We would need to take a closer look at the account in order to see why you haven't received it yet. 


I'll be sending you a PM, talk to you soon! 

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I have responsed to your PM.

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This is insane and being handle poorly the only PM I received was to fill out some form and then by Pierre asking if i checked my spam/junk mail....Speechless Absolutely ridiculous, he should know if and when it was sent since these kinds of things are recorded but of course it was NEVER sent. That is why no one so far as given me a clear reason as to what the hell is going on and when I would receive my gift card. This whole situation has dragged out for no **bleep** reason. I repeat this is the only reason I took the 2-year plan. False advertisement and awful customer service; I guess this it I have to look forward to for the next 2-years. 


As well, one of your customer service representatives said "... we do not handle in store purchases" and "... complaining won't make the process go faster.." how rude and patroninzing. I was being extremely polite with everyone I spoke to so far because I know how it feels to be on the receiving end of a complaint but I am done doing so.


I am no longer asnwering any PMs, if one you wants to get in contact then call me (you have my number).



Hello @Ip14

I'm really sorry to learn that this didn't get resolved yet on your end. 

I would like to get a chance to look into it for you. However, we can't call you from here on the Community. This will need to be handled by PM.


If you prefer to talk to a representative, you do have the option to reach us using our channels here.


There's a PM coming your way to continue on this, talk to you soon. 




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For anyone who cares, this situation has yet to be resolved I have spoken to Pierre, Kenny, Jo and now Rachel. I just want what I signed up for and compensation for the inconvenience. That is all.

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I've spoken to a total of 7 people (just today) no resolution and the latest representative Boubacar, a manager at customer service, was extremely rude and patronizing. Gave me an "explanation" of the situation, he refused to hear me out and my frustration with this situation. 


As well, please stop asking if I checked my junk/spam email or searched for an email from Amazon. Also, the contract I signed was with Fido under certain conditions as a result I would receive the gift card; it was an agreement and you weren't able to hold up your end. Would I really be putting myself through all of this if I didn't check my email nor read the fine print, come on.


I want to resolve the situation today that is all I've been wanting, but you can't accept my conditions but I have to accept yours!? Rachel pushed forward my case to something I did not accept.