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Will a New Router help with multiple devices and slow internet?

I'm a participant level 1
I'm a participant level 1

I've been a Fido customer for years and we have slowly been adding more and more devices to our wifi network. During that time he internet seems to be getting slower and more unstable. Between phones, ipads, laptops and wireless doorbells we probally have 15 or more devices connected. I have the 150gb package (with the Hitron CGN3 AMF modem), which I would think is enough, but I really have no idea if I need more data or a better wifi network, or if there is another issue (I do reset the modem every week). Would a third party router allow multiple devices to connect more efficiently? Or is it a bandwidth thing (we probally only have 3-4 "high consumption" devices going at a time, i.e. streaming, gaming)?



Hello @buzz1947,


While getting a router could overall give you better network performance and even better control it would not necessarily improve your internet speed, especially WiFi.


Most times it comes down to the channel you have for the WiFi the channel range could be clashing with neighbors and would result in poor performance. there are lots of applications that you can run on your phone and it would help choose the best channel for your router based on what your neighbors are using.


I would always suggest using a router as it has more options and better overall control especially if you have a lot of connected devices.