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I'm a participant level 1
I'm a participant level 1

Fido migrating my fido internet to rogers and did not remove my account from fido. I was being billed by fido and rogers at the same time for 3+ months. I shipped back the fido modem and they told me they are unable to locate the modem and charge me $250 for the modem. They suppose to credit me back $150, instead they charged me $130 for the lost modem. I contacted fido for 4months with a phone call every two weeks. After five months, they final told me they have located the modem and credit me back the modem. Its been 9months now and still haven't receive my refund .this is **bleep** service from fido customer service. I really want to swear on the phone but they will probably hany me up. The service was cancelled on August 2023 and it's June 2024 now still no refund.