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Terrible service on hold for hours

I'm a participant level 1
I'm a participant level 1

I’ve reached out to Fido about getting the waybill to return my modem because I wasn’t going to be able to return the modem to a store because of covid.  The waybill never came, I was told it would arrive in 7-10 days, I have the chat transcripts where this is explained to me. The agent apparently didn’t know that the waybills were being sent by email attachment for customers to print, and I never received the email with the waybill attached in any case. Then I find out I’m being charged, I reached out again and the agent explains the waybill should have been sent via email, and they send it. However, they explain I will still be charged for not returning the equipment, and will need to connect again with Fido when they receive the equipment to request that they reverse the charge for the equipment I have been waiting to send back, but only just today received the waybill It seems unacceptable to get charged because of a mistake on fidos end and then need to reach out another time to get the payment, which should never go through, reversed back to my card. I asked for an email address to send a complaint and attach the chat transcript so I could explain what happened to someone who might have the authority to do something about this, but the agent told me there is no way to send in a complaint and tried to connect me with the escalation department via chat, who were busy, and will reached out after the new year. I have now spent well over an hour, having had to connect twice with Fido via the chat function. I am considering cancelling my phone service with Fido if this is how things can go, a miscommunication by a team member results in a customer not receiving the correct information or required forms to send back my equipment, so I take it with me in my move, reach back out to receive the correct information, and necessary forms but will still be charged so not returning a modem I was unable to return, and when I ask to file a complaint, and send the transcripts of the chat where I’m given the incorrect information, there is no channel to do so. This seems ridiculous. And it doesn't stop there. The supervisor who called me lead me on a ridiculous wild goose chase. All bad. Beware.



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I'm sad to hear you didn't have a good experience. If you wish to escalate this, you're welcome to contact us over these methods. I recommend contacting via Facebook or Twitter so you can easily share any screenshots you may have.