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No email from Fido notifying that "they will no longer provide services after May 6, 2024"

I'm a participant level 1
I'm a participant level 1

I got no notice from them what so ever. I checked my PDF internet bills, my account page, everywhere, still no notice. Am I blind? If this important notice is this hard to be seen are they being professional? 


Is the internet being disconnected across Canada for sure? How come my friend who told me about this got an email notice but not me? 


Do I still have to call them even if I got no message from them what so ever? 





Hey @happihoneybee,


Welcome to the community! 


All affe ted users should've received an email and/or a bill confirmation of when it was set to end.

If you didn't receive the information, it's possible the contact in your account is not updated properly. 


You can always double check them with our customer care team here