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Issues with Fido home internet 75 mbps

I'm a participant level 1
I'm a participant level 1

I have been with Fido for 4 years using their Mobile services and last year I opted for their HomeInternet plan 75 Mbps.
During the non covid season, it worked well as we are not using home-based internet much. However, during the covid season, and all family are accessing wifi, we experienced frequent connection dropouts, low speed or low signals, we have not identified these issues earlier as we are not using much wifi. what’s not, it’s been a nightmare now.
Called so many times to the concerned department and the resolution they provided was very bad. I don’t think so, Fido has a good modem that amplify signals to the household devices.
I bought enough signal boosters/extenders to boost the signal but if the modem is not enough capable to amplify signals what a booster can do.
I strongly recommend not to use Fido HomeInternet especially if your home is level based (base ment, ground and upstairs) and I recommend FIDO to look into having better modem as like your competitors.
I am now going towards a local service provider to have my internet but believe me don’t go with the brand names like Fido.



Hey @ArunPatibandla,


Thank you for sharing your feedback with us. We are sad to learn you are experiencing difficulties with your home internet services. That's never something we want for any of our customers.


You mentioned your services worked well pre-covid as the usage you made was limited. Did you check with our internet technical support department if you have a package that fits your needs at this time? It is good to know that some packages we offer are ideal for a maximum of X number of devices connected at the same time. If more devices are connected, it will impact the bandwidth.


We suggest that you call our internet technical support team for a thorough troubleshooting.