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Issue with high loaded latency; Tech support not existent?

I'm a participant level 2
I'm a participant level 2

I am having issues with my internet; more specifically, I've been having issues since switching from DSL to cable earlier this year. 


I noticed that, despite my download speed being perfect, my high loaded latency on has been absolutely through the roof since switching to cable internet; instead of it being around the 20-30 mark like it would be under a DSL connection, it is consistently at levels upwards of 200-300, It's been causing slowdowns in any video streaming and even online gaming at all hours of the day. Naturally, I started a new job last week that requires me to work from home from time to time, so I rely on the quality of the internet connection quite a bit. As a preventative measure, I had called Fido last week about the problem; a tech support agent was sent to my house, who notified me that it was a signal issue that my entire street was experiencing due to a fault with the Rogers cable box. He mentioned that he would be putting in a request for service and that the issue would be fixed by the end of last week; however, the issue has still not been resolved as of tonight.

I attempted to contact tech support again this evening, in which I was on hold for over an hour before an automated message notified me that they would not be able to take my call due to "unforeseen circumstances". I then attempted to speak to an agent on the live chat function of the website; however, it does not appear that anybody is there either. 


This is my last ditch effort to speak with someone regarding my issue; like I had said, I rely quite heavily on this internet connection so any word as to when Rogers will be able to send a tech to my street would be fantastic. 


Thank you!



Hey @dc33dc


I definitely get how important your internet connection is for you. I understand that you called in and did not manage to connect with us but I recommend that you try again, since your best bet to getting anything regarding latency, will be with our technical support team.