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I'm a participant level 1
I'm a participant level 1

I cannot believe what's happening to me. It's outrageous. I'm working from home and internet is essential. 


So yesterday morning, I submitted a move request next week through the phone. Couple hours later, my internet got disconnected, and my account got suspended for no reason. This was around 11am. 


I called again, first step is to enter the account #. When I entered my account #, I was told that I cannot make a call request because my account was suspended. WTH? 

Thankfully, I had a mobile account with Fido as well, and I was able to reach somebody with my mobile account #. Needless to say I had to wait on the phone for an hour because Fido has an amazing customer service. 


An agent said the initial agent I talked to made a mistake on my request. He said he has brought it up to the support team. The request will be cancelled and I will get my internet back in 20 minutes. He then hung up. 


3pm, no internet. 


Fast forward, 9pm, still no internet. Surprisingly, the agent called me back to follow up. He apologized and said it takes a lot of effort when someone makes a mistake on the system, my best bet will be to open a new account and pick up a modem from store. In the meantime, he said he is bringing it up to the support team again and the issue should be resolved by midnight. 


Next day 6am, still no internet.


10am, store opened. All stores in Ottawa have only couple of modems in stock and they're all reserved for existing customers in case of technical issues. New customers have to get the modem shipped. WTF? 


Still no internet, and this is causing a lot of loss since I cannot work. 


At this point, I don't think there is a point of calling Fido again and waisting even more of my time. I have no interest in using Fido service any longer. Looks like I will have better luck to walk to another company and get a new internet account opened. 


How are you going to compensate for all my lost time and work due to the stupid mistake you made?




Former Moderator
Former Moderator

Hey @penguinn


Welcome to the Community. 


I am sorry to see you had this kind of experience. It is definitely not the kind of thing we want to see happen to any of our customers! For us to be able to take a closer look into this with you, we'll need to access your account. Can you reach out to us through one of the options found on this page here


We can also send you a PM if you prefer, let us know!