Is this promotion legit?

Is this promotion legit?

Is this promotion legit?

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Is this promotion legit?

I recieved a call from (437) 886-3276 offering a good price on home internet from Fido for a small number of loyal customers.  Previously Fido always seemed to offer their promotions via text messages. 
Is this offer legit or is it a scam?  Is there a list of verified fido promotion numbers for Fido or do they not offer promotions over the phone?

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I am very glad this post exists, just got this call and they seemed very legit. A quick search showed me this post and I was able to avoid the scam. Thank you!

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HI All!

This is not a Fido call! This is a scam!

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This call wouldn't be coming from us. We would reach out to you using a 1-888 number.