Internet constantly goes down

Internet constantly goes down

Internet constantly goes down

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Internet constantly goes down

My Internet is constantly going down, multiple times a day since Dec 25. It comes back after resetting itself without any interaction on my part. This has happened twice today already.  The blue lights on the FIDO modem go out.. All green lights flicker and cycle. Then after a few minutes the blue lights come back on and the Internet is back up.  When I call FIDO support, I get a busy signal, always.  Extremely frustrating.

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Hello @gtb2133,


It's not the experience we want you to have with our services and support. 


To clarify, did you try to reboot your modem? How did that go? 


Also, did you reach out to general customer service or Home Internet Tech support (in the case of tech support it would be : 1-888-236-FIDO (3436)


Please keep the Community posted! 

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Rebooted several times.  No resolve. Tech is on his way.

Thank you for letting us know! 


Please keep the community posted! 



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STILL NO SOLUTION.  After a 2nd onsite tech visit still no solution. He installed an above ground cable from the main cable box (on the street) to my house.  Seemed fine for the first hour - he did not stick around to find out.  He said they may have to replace the underground cable, but would only do that after a few months. Really?  Back to the modem.  It lost internet connection again within the hour. This continues throughout the day at various times. Consistently. Everyday. 


EXTREMELY POOR CUSTOMER SUPPORT.  I called the tech support line (Wed.Jan.9 2:15 EST). Spoke to someone named "Amanda". She would not provide any other details of who she was or which location she worked out of.  I would not provide my date of birth and she would not help me any further. Had no issues with previous support, but this one wouldn't even let me speak to a supervisor.  I will be taking this up with a higher authority.



Hey @gtb2133,


We're really sorry about your experience when you called in and to learn that you're still having troubles with your Home Internet connexion. We always aim to provide the best services possible and this definitely doesn't represent the type of experience we want for our customers.


We'd like to take a closer look at your account, I'll send you a PM here on the Community shortly. 


Talk to you soon!



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Did you try to go an change the router ?

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Have not tried a new router. Should FIDO/Rogers not suggest this?