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Horrible customer service

I'm a participant level 1
I'm a participant level 1

I had a bad experience in fido customer service I ever had. I was calling to technical service on my home Internet due to low internet speed and frequent interupting wifi. The first technician asked me to go '' to mesure my home Internet speed. I checked the internet speed with that website and she said it's low speed as useal. Then she mentioned me there is an issue on maijor line as thers is congestion around my area since August. She gave me a  temporary solution as boosted the signal. She cleirly said "I BOOST YOUR SIGNAL".  she also told me the main line issue has continued and it would take more than a month to fix it. Fido need to disclose that issure before the customer contract the inrernet. I told that to her because my cotract started on November. She can not handle this conversation and she transferd to her manager. After her manager took my phone, I explained everything what I talked with. But a manager said there is no issues and the first technician did just RESET my signal. There is no maijor issue around my area as well. Those two technician told me totally different story.  I felt like the first technician lied to meke me happy. 

Moreover, I asked transfer to the customer service because I wanted to discuss about the atitude of technician. I waited for an hour to get next line and finally someone answered. But it was phone service even I asked home internet costmer service. I am sick and tired because it had been more than 2 hours since I started talking with the first technician. I asked her to transfer that someone get transfer faster. I thought she tranferd my line to somewhere but she just hang up the phone. I called technical service again and explain everything then I asked her to transfer to home internet customer service. Then she transferd me to "Rogers customer service" ARE YOU KIDDING ME??? What is this costomer service to transfer to different company. They just wasted my time. So Now It's time to leave fido. I never ever recommend fido service to everyone.





Hello @cha01,


Sorry to hear this wasn't the best experience. We understand that waiting on hold for a while isn't pleasant, especially when it's to be transferred to the wrong place.


You can view the different methods to contact us here and if you wish, we can send you a PM over here.