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Home Internet account issues.

I'm a participant level 3
I'm a participant level 3

I would like to first and foremost thank those who took the time to patiently hear me out in regards to my problems with Fidos' Home Internet, and actually tried to help.  

I had signed up for H/Internet in April 2016 (I am not pulling out docs anymore)  Soon after I hooked it up my Hitron modem I noticed it that I had all kinds of problems with lagging on the home site.  Moreover I was more concerned about people logging on tinny Wi-Fi without Authorization.  After numerous if not hundreds of time calling to Fido and it's Technician without no resolution.  Ideas deemed a "Doa" they transferred me to Cust. Care and I was reassured it was fixed.  NOTTT !!!  

Anyhow I told Fido if they didn't either come fix it, give  me a new one.  I will not be needing their services any longer come the end of the month.  

Fast forward to April 2017 I had gotten in the mail a bill for H/internet of almost 850.00.  Well, onviousely I was disputing that.  Now, I had brought to their attention it is a faulty modem and had asked for months to either fix or replace me with a new working modem.  (Without any results) for months.  I now have the collecting agency to deal with also.  For months Fidos' Rep, supervisors and team had asked at times thraaten me to pay it.  Saying I had knowledge of amount owing and that they had repeatedly sent me emails and called.  I didn't received any emails, calls until collecting agency was on the other line.  Well for months after I came back from Vietnam, I was repeatedly harassed by Fido.  Basically saying I was lying and tranfering me to all dept, reps and supervisors. 

To my amazement I found out that Fido didn't set up my account properly and had sent all my bills, emails to the wrong address.  (No more early calls and ling discussions from Fido immediately soon after.  I got a nonchalant "Sorry for what you had ti endure Mr. Nguyen" from a rep.  But yet still trying to make me pay less e months I was in Vietnam. Wow !! I finally get to see a physical bill for once.  Thank you Jennifer  (NB call center) who finally got My Account under control.  Well one day latter Fido un-registered me.  WHY ?,  Well..   who knows ?  But I couldn't plea my case with the community.  I had to go to Samsung's forum to vente/plead my case.  So,  I am still with No account # for internet .  

Well I called again 2 days ago and fund out that my balance is at $0 and that I should be receiving a check-in my mail.  

To be continued.. 



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Former Moderator
Former Moderator

Welcome to the Community @Myko_Rock

Glad to see things seem to be taken care of. Keep us posted and we'll be available if you need anything.