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Hitron modem/router Android phone can't connect to Wifi after outing

I'm a participant level 2
I'm a participant level 2

Until recently I have been getting reliable Wifi service. Over that last two days after returning home from a walk we noticed our two phones (Both Galaxy A11 Android Phones) could not reconnect to Wifi with the error of "Couldn't get IP Address."  The only thing I've been able to do to reestablish a connection is to reboot the Hitron Modem/Router from my Laptop computer.


This is an annoying problem. Has anybody else experienced this issue and found a work around (i.e. besides having to reboot the modem?

Hardware Version: 1A

Software Version:


Another side effect, which may correlate to this issue, is some of my Smart Home devices have disconnected.


I'm a participant level 1
I'm a participant level 1

Yes, I have been getting the same thing. To the point where I have to reset the modem once a day because my phones "Couldn't get IP address". Doesn't seem to affect the computers as much.

Hello @nickhonster1,


Try doing a network reset on the phone.


Navigate: Settings > General management. > Reset.
Tap Reset network settings.


Hey @cbgregoire


When did this issue start on your end exactly?


Other than your 2 phones, is this affecting all your other devices connected through WI-FI with your Fido Modem?


Also, did you get a chance to talk to our technical support? They have the necessary tools on their end to help you with this. You can find the ways to reach them here.