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HM 150 Promo with $150 GC: How to verify after account transfer?

I'm a participant level 2
I'm a participant level 2

Hi, This Saturday my cousin took a new Fido connection after calling Fido (150 Mbps download plan, at $37.5/month for 12 months, along with $150 gift-card).  


Since her earlier service-provider offered a retention plan, she is sticking to the old service provider and I, staying at same address for now, spoke to Fido tonight to take-over the new connection in my name (I'm shifting to new address by mid Jan) . 


Now after credit-check and all, I have the connection in my name and is showing to be cancelled in her account, but the package shows to be $75/mo in my account. 


1. How do I confirm the promo plan ($37.5/mo) still holds before the bill gets generated, and that the promo is on for 12 months?


2. How do I confirm that the new account (after transferring to my name) is still in consideration for $150 gift-card?


Thank you.



Hey @maple_,


Welcome to the community! 


To ensure the promotions are applied to your account, we'll need to directly check. To do so, you can get in touch with customer service or by sending us a private message on Facebook or Twitter. Alternatively, we can PM you here if you prefer!