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Fido is officially Rogers

I'm a participant level 1
I'm a participant level 1

It is finally confirmed? Fido has now sunk to Rogers level service! The customer service staf are dumber than a bag of hammers? Fido replaced my "good" modem with a piece of refurbished junk which did not work. They indicated they could not fix it but the tech suggested I switch to Ignite at twice the speed for less money. I did but getting the new modem was a nightmare. When I did get it after 10 days and three orders I called to confirm what I should do with the old modem because I know I have to return it or pay for two. The dimwit dummy I spoke with could not choose between deliver to the store or return ship through Canada Post? This must be their training because no-one could be as stupid as the dummy I spoke with? If they pay him more than a $1 an hour he is overpaid!


Hey @firepackschool , was that a question that you need some assistance with? If yes, could you word it more specifically so that someone here may be able to assist?  If you're just venting, then carry on.