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Fido Modem not received

I'm a participant level 2
I'm a participant level 2

I ordered fido internet about 2 weeks back and never actually received the modem even though Purolator says it was delivered. I live in a large apartment. I called Purolator and they said they ddnt need my signature and could simply drop the package unattended which sounds mind-boggling.


It's going to two weeks and I don't have any internet. Now the agent I spoke to today was so so so rude; threatening that I will be charged for a modem I never received.


Now I have no modem, no internet, poor customer service. Hasanyone had this issue before?



I'm a participant level 2
I'm a participant level 2

@KAPABLE-K well, I asked for a new modem why they conclude the investigation but was declined. Then i asked to cancel the internet plan so I can find an swift alternative and I was told I will have to pay for the modem; a modem I never received.


I am unable to work, no internet. I am sure you  understand how that feels

Hey @shassan, I can understand how you feel, and like I said you have nothing to gain from taking the modem so it just sounds like a breakdown in communication with Fido. Reach out to one of the moderators and I'm sure they can help provide a solution.

I'm a participant level 2
I'm a participant level 2

@KAPABLE-K I have checked everywhere..even opposite buildings, no modem. The surprising this is I have received phones (Samsung s8 and s20) from Fido Mobile (apparently they are separate entities)  with no issues whatsoever.

Suddenly I am now trying to steal a modem???


I really don't understand how a modem (If so valuable) should be delivered unattended to. 

Hey @shassan,


I don't think anyone is accusing you of stealing the modem you have nothing to gain from the modem. Sometimes some agents just follow the rules and read out the procedure a bit blunt which can come off as being rude, we are only human and make mistakes so I apologize on behalf of that agent.


Since the modem showed it was delivered and you did not actually receive it, I would suggest you reach out to one of the community moderators and they can better assist your next step. They are rockstars at helping solve situations like this you will just need to be patient as responses can be delayed.



Hello @shassan,


Sorry to hear you did not get the modem, does your apartment have a location or box where large items are delivered? Maybe you can check there or with your building management.