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Fido Home Internet Price Unaffordable

I'm a participant level 1
I'm a participant level 1

Hi ever since the COVID-19 pandamic started in 2019 - now,  the Fido Home Internet price has gone up to the roof due to high demand of usage as more people work from home and students are in e-learning at home.  Internet providers are taking advantage of this move from the customers and jack up the price.   This causes huge impact on low income family as myself with kids.  I always look for discount promo code from Fido or Rogers and elsewhere and compare what is the best deal.  The deal is usually last 12 months which is crazy.   I have to spend more time to search for deals before my deal is ending.     Then I noticed that the price was $49 for 150mps internet plan back in 2019 and $59 back in 2020 and now it is $85.   Even with $20 or $25 off for 12 months, it is still every expensive.    I keep trying to search for retention deal for 50% off plan but no luck at this moment.   Can someone help me to get a better deal for the home internet plan 150mps?    Thanks.





Hey @YORKLY! Philippe here. I hope you're doing well. Smiley


We do have a number of promotions for our home internet and other services throughout the year, which you can check-out here. You can also contact us regarding our offers here, and we'll be happy to check-out your options.