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Complications with returning modem for home internet and bad customer service

I'm a participant level 1
I'm a participant level 1

I can't believe the experience I had from this company.  Here is my experience - long painful story short (as short as I can make it).

 -Cancelled home internet and was told that I could return modem at any Fido store

-tried to return modem to store only to be told that they did not have access to "button" to show I could return modem

-Went to 5 stores in an attempt to return the modem - all saying they could not do so

-Finally went to a corporate store that said that they were the only store seemingly to know that the protocol for returning modems was notified - was able to return modem but told to keep receipt because it may be prone to show that modem was not returned and may be charged for no return charge (thank goodness for him and warning me)

-2 weeks later, sure enough I was charged with a no return charge

-contacted company to notify I did return the modem - provided all details and a case was opened

-2 days later, received notice that located modem and that charge would be removed within 2 

-charge remained on my account and called several times to have it removed (about 5 reps hung up on me by phone or chat)

-finally received a fantastic customer rep who put me through to supervisor

-supervisor told me charge would be removed on a certain date - date passed and charge not removed - called again and told to wait again for charge to be removed 

-received email from Fido management office to say they tried to contact me by phone (need I say that I never got a call?) to resolve my issue.  Account now past due and subject to daily charges which affected my credit which was flawless.  Said I would have to talk to credit services to have this resolved - more work for their problem.

Needless to say that this company has no communication amongst themselves - ironic from a communication company.  No one was able to resolve my issue or give me an honest answer except the fantastic customer rep and helpful in-store rep.  

  As a teacher, I am using this experience with all my students in Business and Ethics class as a case study.  This type of experience is unacceptable for a large company and to have no real answers, lies and hangups and no real assurances should not be accepted.  To have no reassurance and expect the customer to play a waiting game and have "faith" does nothing to inspire confidence in this company.  I am wholly disenchanted with this company.